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Seattle Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

Washington Child Pornography Charges

With the widespread usage and availability of the internet, committing criminal acts on the internet has become very easy, and child pornography is no exception because computers and the internet make it very easy to create and distribute child pornography.  If you are facing criminal charges of child pornography, you are going to need representation from a skilled attorney at our Seattle law firm.  Receiving child pornography charges can be a shocking and difficult experience for anyone, but it is important to quickly hire a Seattle sex crime defense lawyer who will be there for you from the beginning to the end of your case. 

Both federal and state laws make child pornography illegal and a person will be tried at either state court or federal court depending upon the exact circumstances of the child pornography offense.  Sometimes both federal and state laws are broken during the commission of child pornography, and in these cases a defendant may face penalties at both federal and state levels.  Under federal law, child pornography is a visual depiction (drawing, cartoon, sculpture, painting, photograph, film, video, or computer generated image or picture) of sexually explicit conduct depicting a minor engaging in  explicit conduct or depicting an image of a minor engaging in any type of sexual act. 

Seattle Child Pornography Defense Attorneys

When considering the success rate of cases involving child pornography charges, individuals who have representation during the early stages of their case stand a much better chance of overcoming their charges.  Oftentimes, if an attorney can be enlisted during the investigation, before charges have even be filed, they can work to negotiate with investigators and prosecutors to have the charges reduced or dismissed, both of which are great alternatives to being fully charged for child pornography.   

Contact a Seattle Sex Crimes Defense Attorney today if you or someone you know has been charged with child pornography.

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